January 18th, 2023


Guide to Modern Engagement Ring Styles

Whoever your significant other is, you should know them and their style intimately. If they love contemporary styles, their engagement ring should be modern to match their favorite looks. Explore our expansive selection, allowing our team of professionals at Brockhaus Jewelry to narrow down the search. We have put together a guide to some of the most beautiful modern engagement ring styles that will be a timeless favorite and are available in our Norman, Oklahoma showroom.

Hidden Halos Engagement Rings

A modern innovation to an already beloved style, hidden halo engagement rings make the center stone sparkle even more with diamonds on display from every angle of these rings’ profiles. We have many gorgeous rings of this style in stock, such as this hidden halo solitaire engagement ring, that will make a wonderful proclamation of your love. The rose gold and prong setting for this specific ring contrasts with the brilliant white sparkle of the diamonds that then frame and raise the base of the round cut diamond.


Oval Cut Halo Rings

Romantic and feminine, the oval cut is loved by those who want a stunning ring that will sparkle whenever they move their hands. Add a modern and glamorous accent of a halo around the gentle curves of this exquisitely cut stone, like this Fana oval halo diamond engagement ring. This ring has a delicate diamond detail on the shank and will stack perfectly with a wedding band by this prestigious brand.

Split Shank Rings

Bold is a modern concept highly enjoyed throughout fashion and jewelry standards. Create the beginnings of an impressive bridal stack with a split shank ring like our in-stock double halo diamond ring. It will look lovely next to an intricate or minimalistic wedding band to make a dynamic pairing that will fully express their style and the love you share in your relationship.


Bezel Engagement Rings

Vintage-inspired details and accents long adored have a way of circling back around to become modern favorites once again. Milgrain beading, beautiful filigree, and bezel settings, like this Shah Luxury round cut diamond ring that is securely surrounded by 14k white gold is subtle yet gorgeous. A ring like this will match any type of wedding band chosen to go with it.

Intertwining Engagement Rings

Marriage brings two people's lives together to weave a life for both of them to share. Details within your engagement ring that hearken to the deep love you hold for one another serve as an incredibly romantic gesture. A Hearts On Fire Destiny engagement ring can say everything you want to be known about the union you both agree to while remaining a fashionable ring that will gain much attention as they display it on their hand.


Find Modern Engagement Rings at Brockhaus Jewelry

Explore our vast selection of engagement rings in our Brockhaus Jewelry showroom. Our team of professionals will carefully guide you through our designer collections to find the modern ring that will impress and gladden the one who will be wearing it. As always, after the sale, we can repair jewelry to maintain its quality for years. Visit our Norman, Oklahoma jewelry store to find the ring that will begin the next chapter of your life together.