Princess Cut Rings



a woman’s hand resting on a green book and wearing a princess cut engagement ring
Characteristics of Princess Cut Rings

Originating in the 1960s, the princess cut diamond achieves a modern allure that has enamored many hearts. Characterized by its distinct squared shape with pointed corners and a unique facet arrangement, this cut seamlessly combines the traditional with the contemporary. Especially popular for engagement rings, the princess cut both embodies understated elegance while also making a striking statement. At Brockhaus Jewelry, diamond ring aficionados will discover a curated range of princess cut engagement rings, each piece representing the pinnacle of fine craftsmanship. Their dedication to quality guarantees that every diamond commands attention with its timeless beauty and enduring romance.

a woman’s hand resting on a man’s arm and wearing a princess cut engagement ring
Popular Princess Cut Ring Designers

Brockhaus Jewelry showcases an outstanding array of princess cut engagement rings from a number of remarkable designers. Shah Luxury's creations are marked by their opulence, with intricate side stone embellishments and elevated settings that emphasize the radiant princess cut diamond. Their designs demonstrate precision and a penchant for grandeur. In contrast, Fana champions classic elegance, melding modern simplicity with time-honored charm. Their rings often feature sleek bands and subtle accents, allowing the diamond to shine brightly. While each designer brings a special approach, both ensure their pieces are more than just jewelry — they are lifelong treasures.

a three stone, princess cut engagement ring surrounded by tiny flowers
Additional Popular Jewelry Designers with Princess Cut Rings

Our in-house line at Brockhaus Jewelry, Brockhaus Bridal, offers a signature take on the princess cut engagement ring. This line embodies a blend of classic and innovation, with each piece reflecting meticulous craftsmanship and a deep understanding of subtle elegance. Brockhaus Bridal's designs feature harmoniously balanced settings that securely cradle the princess cut diamond, enhancing its brilliance. The bands tend to merge intricate detailing with nuanced modern touches, making each ring unique yet universally appealing. Brockhaus Bridal stands as a testament to the retailer’s commitment to offering bespoke, quality pieces that resonate with the desires of contemporary brides.

a silver engagement ring with a princess cut center stone resting on a black wedding band
Find Princess Cut Diamond Rings at Brockhaus Jewelry

For those seeking designer princess engagement rings, look no further than Brockhaus Jewelry. In our esteemed Norman jewelry store, a world of unparalleled elegance and craftsmanship awaits you. Beyond our curated selection of designer pieces, Brockhaus Jewelry offers an added attraction: the chance to bring your vision to life with our custom design services. Imagine crafting a one-of-a-kind princess cut engagement ring that speaks to your unique love story and style. To embark on this compelling journey of creation and discovery, request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our experienced team members.