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Characteristics of FOPE

FOPE is a luxury jewelry brand crafted in the beautiful Italian city of Vicenza. Renowned for its remarkable architecture and beautiful landscapes, the qualities of this northeastern Italian city have influenced the artistry that is noted in jewelry created by FOPE. The brand proudly promotes Italian artists and musicians across the globe as a dedication to the culture. Modern and contemporary bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings highlight the sophistication of Italian craftsmanship and style. Pieces are made from stunning gold and feature their signature gold mesh design. Since its establishment, FOPE has changed the way women wear jewelry and continue to be an honorary force in the industry.

Popular FOPE Collections

Each piece of jewelry made from FOPE is meticulously designed in 18k gold. Gold chain necklaces are sophisticated and refined. The signature Novecento mesh chain is designed in a variety of shapes and sizes. Find this chain unadorned or accented with glistening diamonds for added luxury. This gorgeous piece is ideal for matching with other accessories to create a style that is unique to your personality. FOPE’s mesh bracelets pair exquisitely with the necklaces. These pieces are made from white, yellow, or rose gold and are available in several shapes and widths. The bracelets’ mesh design is noted for their incredible flexibility due to springs within the links, making them comfortable for everyday wear.

FOPE’s earrings draw attention to the ears and highlight facial features beautifully. Similar to the necklaces, gorgeous hoops and huggies feature the iconic Novecento chain design. Mixed metal studs are striking as each metal melds together perfectly, creating an accessory that is both avant-garde and elegant. Gold rings are a jewelry staple. The brand’s pieces can be found with or without diamonds and feature the signature Flex’it technology, making the rings not only fit snugly on the finger but also stretchable. A combination of comfort and luxury can be found in each of these wonderful rings which are a captivating illustration of Italian design.

Why Shop FOPE at Brockhaus Jewelry?

Founded in 1953 in Norman, Oklahoma, Brockhaus Jewelry has provided luxury jewelry for clients in the Central Oklahoma area. As a family-owned business, we are honored to be there for our local community during all of their special moments. Our highly trained staff is always on hand to help guide you through our collections. We also help keep your precious pieces in pristine condition with jewelry repair and cleaning. Our website allows for an easy way to request an appointment. Visit our showroom or call us at (405) 321-4228 to learn more.