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In 1952, Tom Brockhaus came to Norman from Wichita, Kansas. With $300 he opened a watch repair shop in the bustling Bud Wilkinson era on Campus Corner. For nearly fifty years, Brockhaus Jewelry was a fixture on Norman's Campus Corner. What had started out as a small, watch-repair shop, had become a part of the landscape for generations of students and their families.

Tom's success came from his commitment to excellence and innovative jewelry industry techniques. Due to his success, what had started out as a small jewelry display case had eventually grown into a large showroom just a few doors down. Tom loved what he did, and had put every nickel back in his business. As he would put it "I bought pretty jewelry." Somewhat of a simplistic understatement but absolutely indicative of the un-pompous, un-pretentious ambiance alive and flourishing at the current Main Street location.

Today, almost 70 years after Tom's humble beginnings, his son and grandson, John Brockhaus and Brad Shipman, continue the family's business. With John's 40+ years "in the business" stemming from helping his father around the store, and Brad's 25+ years of work ethic and grit, they continue to deliver the same tradition of excellence. Whether it's a personalized engraving for a loved one, or a gift for that special someone, Brockhaus Jewelry continues their family tradition of providing top designer lines of the finest quality in-store and online, and will continue to do so for many years to come.