How to Care for a Lab-Grown Diamond

February 15th, 2023

A gemologist carefully holds a round-cut lab-grown diamond against a dark background

Laboratory-grown diamonds offer a plethora of benefits: they are affordable, radiant, and perfect. They are just as hard as their natural counterparts because they are simply diamonds: colorless, pure-carbon gemstones. While they are everlasting, some measures need to be taken to ensure they retain their pristine shine.

A jeweler cleans her collection of jewelry on her workspace while wearing gloves

Clean Your Ring Properly

It is essential to keep every diamond clean. While these jewels are robust and glamorous, dust and grime can diminish these gemstones’ radiance. So long as you wear the piece, it will be exposed to these fine particles. Diamonds and the rings they are set in will have to be cleaned often. We recommend taking them to a jeweler twice a year for an in-depth cleaning and conducting a weekly scrub at home.

Cleaning it at home is easy. After a 40 minute soak in a bath of warm water and mild soap, simply scrub it with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Then, dap it dry with a microfiber cloth. Note that harsh chemicals can damage a diamond and the engagement ring.

An adventurous couple kisses on a beach during low tide as the sunsets in the background

Watch Out for the Environment

The environment is full of factors that are dangerous for diamonds. While robust, diamonds do not interact well with heat, salt water, or cold. High temperatures can cause a stone’s setting to warp and soften. Prongs, the most common mount for gemstones, are tiny and prone to snapping. If they break, the diamond could fall out and become lost.

Salt water is particularly virulent towards diamonds, as it can dull and tarnish the gemstone. Make sure to avoid the beach whilst wearing an engagement ring. Water in general should be avoided, especially whilst wearing the ring. Liquids can cause a finger to shrink, so the ring can slip right off. And it is not easy to find a lost ring in the abyss of a body of water.

A woman with acrylic nails holds her side stone, hidden halo diamond ring while on a walk outside

Do Not Take It Off

Never take off jewelry in public. Otherwise, you may lose it and never recover it. In crowded places, it is easier than you think to lose track of jewelry. You cannot drop what you’re wearing, nor can you lose something if it is stuck on you. While it may be tempting to take off your engraved ring and show off all of its glamorous details to your friends, it is better to showcase the piece without removing it from your hand.

In case you have to take off the ring at any point, have a backup plan. Keep a small jewelry bag or the original case it came in to ensure you always have a perfectly protected place to store the ring. Alternatively, you can purchase a chain necklace and wear the ring like a charm.

A jeweler solders an engagement ring back together after resizing it in his messy workshop

Maintain to Retain

It’s imperative that you keep the setting in pristine condition. Snap a prong? Take it to a jeweler for a replacement. Notice some tarnishing on the band? Have a jeweler give it a scrub. Is the diamond’s shine diminishing? Get a jeweler to polish the diamond.

A couple with matching outfits visits a local jewelry store together to shop diamond engagement rings

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