How to Wear a Wedding Band

March 15th, 2024

lady’s hand wearing a wedding band on top of an engagement ring

Wearing a wedding band is a timeless tradition that symbolizes the eternal bond between two individuals. The manner in which you choose to wear your wedding band reflects personal preference and the unique narrative of your relationship. Each configuration carries its own symbolism and aesthetic appeal, catering to diverse styles and stories. Understanding these options helps in celebrating your commitment in a way that feels true to you. At Brockhaus Jewelry, we have put together a guide for the different ways to wear your wedding band and the subtle meanings behind each variation.

a groom putting a wedding band on a bride’s finger

Engagement Ring on Top of Wedding Band

Placing the engagement ring on top of the wedding band is a favored choice for many, as it visually prioritizes the engagement ring. This arrangement can also protect the engagement ring and keep it securely in place. It's a beautiful way to showcase the journey from the magical proposal to your everlasting marriage, with the wedding band serving as a foundation for the life you’re building together. This setting allows for both pieces to shine individually and as a cohesive set, embodying the unity and progression of your relationship. 

lady’s hand wearing an engagement ring on top of a wedding band

Wedding Band on Top of Engagement Ring

Wearing the wedding band on top of the engagement ring is symbolic of placing your marriage at the forefront. This arrangement signifies that the vows taken during your wedding ceremony are the pinnacle of your relationship, with the engagement ring underneath as the foundation of your commitment. It's a meaningful gesture that places emphasis on the bond of marriage, prioritizing the promises made on your wedding day. This configuration also follows the tradition of keeping the wedding band closer to your heart, symbolizing its importance and the strength of your marital commitment.

a man and woman’s wedding band resting side by side on a leaf

Wedding Band Alone

Opting to wear the wedding band alone is a testament to the power of simplicity. This choice might be made for practical reasons, such as lifestyle or work constraints, or a preference for minimalism. Wearing the wedding band alone highlights the essence of the marital vow, standing as a singular symbol of love and commitment. It showcases the strength and purity of the bond you share, focusing solely on the commitment that the band represents. At Brockhaus Jewelry, we carry a comprehensive array of beautiful wedding bands, stunning enough to wear all on their own. 

lady sitting in a car and wearing a wedding dress and band

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