Make the Most Of Your Winter Wear: Styling Winter Jewelry With Your Wardrobe

November 15th, 2021

As the weather gets colder and we find ourselves layering more and more clothes, it’s easy to assume that jewelry is out of the question. However, at Brockhaus Jewelry we believe that it’s more than possible to include some sparkle in your winter wear! Freely layer your sweaters and coats without sacrificing accessories as we guide you through our favorite winter jewelry picks and how to style them.

Dramatic, Long Necklaces

Picture this, you’re heading out to meet some friends and it’s snowing. You put on your favorite turtleneck, a fleece, and an overcoat, but your outfit still needs some sparkle. Enter long necklaces! A long necklace is the perfect piece of jewelry for winter wear. Make it count with a piece that has a large or bright-colored pendant that’ll pull together even your most bundled look.

Colorful Accent Pieces

Since many winter wardrobes include earthy and darker tones, a pop of color from your jewelry can really make a look stand out no matter the weather. It’s great to have a bold jewelry piece for the winter that adds a burst of colors through gemstones or interesting blends of metals. Mix and match color combos through rings or earrings, or include metals that compliment earth tones such as gold and rose gold!

Winter Pearls

Pearls beautifully emulate fresh fallen snow, so it’s no wonder we consider them to be the perfect winter jewel. They’re a great accent for dark winter wear, and are incredibly convenient because they don’t have any metal-work or edges that may snag on sweaters and scarves. If you’re looking for a simple yet stand-out accessory, try a pearl choker or a pair of pearl earrings!

Bold Cuffs and Bangles

Though we all love our tennis and charm bracelets, those easily snaggable accessories might not do you any favors during the winter months. Bangles and cuffs are great alternatives that are easy to take on and off. They also add an effortless shimmer to any look! Get creative and stack different sizes or go bold with thicker bangles to make your outfits sparkle.

Statement Rings

As we go from place to place and slip our coats and gloves on and off, you might find yourself losing accessories, particularly rings. This winter, go big and bold with your ring choices. Not only will they be an eye-catching addition to any outfit, but they’ll also feel more noticeable when removing winter accessories, thus making them harder to lose. Be sure to get your rings a size smaller for the winter, as the cold weather may change how your rings fit.

Oversized Studs

Studs are widely known as a universal earring for all seasons, however, they especially come in handy in the winter. Compatible with any hairstyle or outfit, large stud earrings are a great way to accessorize in the winter without worrying about earrings getting tangled in your hair or scarves. Go for a bright color to contrast your winter clothes and you’ll have an effortless accessory that pulls together any winter look.

Have An Expert Style Your Winter Jewelry

With the best service and selection in Central Oklahoma, Brockhaus Jewelry is your go-to for all questions on styling winter jewelry. At our Norman jewelry showroom, we are proud to provide the highest quality and latest in-style pieces. Make an appointment to stop in and find the right piece for you!