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Styling Jewelry With a Watch

April 15th, 2023

A couple holding hands walks through a field while wearing watches

Timepieces and jewelry are both exceptional and exquisite accessories. The former combines functionality with high fashion, while the latter evokes pure luxury and radiance. When worn together, they create an unforgettable and unmistakable ensemble. Some pairings work better than others. Find watches and jewelry that work perfectly together with Brockhaus Jewelry.

A Tavannes diamond watch next to a Hearts On Fire fashion ring from the Lorelei collection

Diamond Watch, Diamond Ring

If a watch is imbued with any gemstones, wear a ring with a corresponding gem. Doing so creates a unified aesthetic that shines and delights. Since they are close in proximity, they each lend their bright shine to each other. The ensuing radiance is truly glamorous and spectacular.

For instance, you might pair this Tavannes diamond watch with this Hearts On Fire Lorelei fashion ring. The timepiece has a stunning array of diamonds on the crown, elevated by a colorful and stellar dial. Hearts On Fire’s exhibits the brand’s signature World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond. This cut is trademarked by the designer and is cut in such a way that it emits more light than any peer. The combination is truly exhilarating.

This Tavannes steel watch next to a bracelet with a similar silhouetteShape and Silhouette

Consider matching pieces with similar silhouettes. Watches come in a variety of shapes, such as rectangular and ovular. Wear jewelry with a similar or complementary form. Bangles are a great choice to pair with a timepiece sporting a rectangular case. Alternatively, consider a strap’s material and texture. They’re a crucial part of the timepiece’s look.

This Tavannes steel watch has a precise and clean silhouette. The round-shaped case and slender design make it look exceptional with this KC Designs diamond bracelet. The bangle has a chic aesthetic with plenty of radiant diamonds set in a thin, straight line. Pairing the watch with this bracelet – one on each hand – creates a cohesive ensemble.

A moonphase watch next to a diamond and sapphire necklaceColor Combinations

It’s important to find a color scheme that fits. The watch and its jewelry companion should exhibit complementary hues so as to create a vibrant and stylish chic. There are many options available, but we recommend picking neutral tones that pair well with multiple outfits. Match stainless steel and green dials with sterling silver and emeralds.

Alternatively, try blue and white. Wear this KC Designs sapphire necklace with a Tavannes moon phase watch. The necklace has elegant sapphires and diamonds arranged in a sharp 14k triangle. Meanwhile, the timepiece has a charming moonphase complication surrounded by mother of pearl, stately Roman indices, and a radiant white strap. Don them together with a formal outfit.

A young woman wears a gold ring to match the gold on her watch

Find Jewelry and Watches at Brockhaus Jewelry

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